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Custom Big mugs!

Custom Big mugs!

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Usually I don’t do custom orders unless they make me chortle. However, my DM’s are full of requests, and I feel like a big mean saying nup to all of your kookie little in-jokes, which I’m sure are legit hilarious in a you-had-to-be-there kinda way.⁠ 

So here's a Chrissy treat for you all. A very limited no of custom mugs are a go go. 

  • There are 20 slots available. If it says sold out, they're all gone. You can order more than one if you need.
  • Add to the notes when checking out what you want the mug to say. If it's spelt wrong, we will spell it wrong. 
  • Maximum 15 characters. No spaces don't count. We don't have punctuation. 
  • Nothing bigoted folks - you're better than that. 
  • You can only order the Big Mug. It's a real big mug. Two cups of tea, easy. If you need more details, you're probably over thinking it.  500ml
  • It might be pastel blue, pink or green, with varying handles. You get what you get and you don't get upset - no swapsies
  • We'll be making this asap and dispatching the week commencing 4th December.  
  • If for some weird reason my kiln shits its pants, or the courier Grinch plays a spot of cricket with the box, I can't magic up another one before Christmas, so you may have to wait. 
  • Yes, you can whack it in the microwave and dishwasher. 
  • No refunds after you've ordered. It's in production so there's no turning back. It'll be great.