Sheila all shapes and sizes boobies planter

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‘Sheila’ all shapes and sizes boobies planter

This ‘Sheila’ all shapes and sizes boobies planter is ideal for is the perfect size for established indoor house plants - think monstera, ficus or snake succulents. Pictured is a happy Jade ‘Golem’. The funny little ears just add to the planters charm.
It’s hand decorated with delightful boobs - big ones, small ones, and everything in between. Who doesn’t love a good boobie.

This range is a super-dooper fun pattern, available as a planter, jug, mug and dishes.

Each one is 100% unique, made by us in our little studio for you. Nothing's factory manufactured here. You may not receive the exact pattern or form pictured, but it will be very similar. You'll be able to see how the object has been formed by hand and the brushstrokes used. Each one is perfectly imperfect and delightfully wonky.

| spectacular specifications |

Handmade porcelain ceramic planter. Approximately 16cm wide x 13cm high, plus two delightful ears. Includes drainage holes.
This item is hand painted and glazed - visit my Instagram to see how @beabellingham

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