Miso Cats and houseplant dishes - black cats with plant succulent cacti pattern ceramic plate

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This 'Miso' black cat and house plant pattern porcelain handmade dish is the perfect size for all those bits and bobs you need to keep track of: your loose change, hair pins, earrings and keys. It will also stand prettily empty when not in use. It’s hand painted with my special spongeware technique in a pattern of two black cats, sitting cat and stretching yoga cat, with prickly pear, banana leaf, snake plant and monstera house plant leaves.

This range is a super dooper fun pattern, available as a big vase and bud vase, big planter, medium planter, little planter or mug, and big and little dishes.

Each one is 100% unique, made by me in my little studio for you. Nothing's factory manufactured here. You may not receive the exact pattern or form pictured, but it will be very similar. You'll be able to see how the jug has been formed by hand and the brushstrokes used. Each one is perfectly imperfect and delightfully wonky.

| spectacular specifications |

Handmade porcelain ceramic dish, approximately 13cm in diameter and 2cm high.
This item is hand painted and glazed - visit my Instagram to see how @beabellingham

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| Bea Bellingham Ceramics |

Bea Bellingham is a Sydney based designer known for her distinctive playful patterns and designs. Her hand built ceramics focus on bringing fun and humour into our everyday environments through thoughtful homewares and versatile jewellery.

With an emphasis on creating delightfully askew and perfectly imperfect results, each piece is a truly unique work. The owner is able to experience the textures and brushstrokes that formed their new item, knowing they are the only person to own that exact form and pattern.

Studio images by Alana Dimou. Please ask before using any images :)

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