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Bea and BuddyHullo!

‘Things by Bea’ is a range of playful ceramics by artist Bea Bellingham. Bea’s distinctive patterns and designs focus on bringing fun in to our everyday environments through homewares and jewellery.

Created predominantly in porcelain, each ceramic item is lovingly hand-moulded and hand-painted by Bea. There’s an emphasis on creating delightfully askew and perfectly imperfect results, meaning every piece is a truly unique work. The owner is able to experience the textures and brushstrokes that formed their new item, knowing they are the only person to own that exact form and pattern.

Bea works from her studio in Petersham, Sydney with the aid of her not-so-helpful studio assistant, Buddy the dog.

Let’s chat!

Email: bea [at] beabellingham [dot] com
or call +61 433 840 383